Sunday, September 14, 2014

Comment on the morning anecdote

My longstanding opinion that workers in grocery stores and restaurants have absolutely no clue as to where the foods they’re selling came from was proved out this morning when I journeyed to the local outlet of a well-known “natural” foods chain.
When I asked the woman who took my order (for coffee and a bowl of oatmeal topped with fruit) where the strawberries came from as it is hardly strawberry season here in northern Vermont, she responded thusly: “From the store.”
It would, I am sure, be possible to carry this over to the most basic and life-needed substance of water. If I were to ask the woman across the street where her drinking water comes from, she would, no doubt, say it comes from the tap. Duh.
It’s not just young people who’re disconnected from Nature (and connected to each other electronically), but also the older generation. Any dissenting ideas out there?

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