Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A tree with a story to tell

I've walked past this tree dozens of times during visits to Boise, Idaho, during which came visits to Mom and Sister. And I think about the tree when completing a fitness walk route through the village of Essex Junction just to my north. Look carefully at the trunk of this tree, especially where it meets the ground. Yes, that's asphalt surrounding the trunk's base. Citizens had to yell loudly and wage a campaign to save this tree. Too bad for us all - and the trees, too - that those which were felled to make way for more sprawl housing in EJ. Trees filter the air and soften the racket (noise pollution) from nearby streets and lawn-mowing neighbors. Too often, though, trees (which can take many decades to reacyh the size of this one) are cleared in minutes with chain saws. Think about it.

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